Finding Happiness - 52 Lists for Happiness

Finding Happiness

"You know what you deserve even more than a great job, a beautiful home, or the perfect family? You deserve so much happiness and joy! It's through practicing your own individual pursuit of happiness that you achieve joy and fulfillment in all areas of your life. You are the source of your own happiness."    -   52 lists for happiness by Moorea Seal

One evening I was feeling less than happy. I was in this whirl wind of comparing myself to everyone else. I mean everyone! Look at their photos, look at their following, look at them they are doing it, they are making it happen. They are so much better than me. Why can't I be that good? Why can't I succeed? Why , why, why....

let me tell you it was a PITY PARTY!.

I went to bed unhappy thinking that I completely suck. I figured I should just give up. It is so frustrating to not see success when you put your heart and soul into something. You give it your all, but your all isn't good enough. (This isn't even true, but it was how I was feeling.)

That night I woke up with some serious adrenaline. It was the weirdest thing. My heart was racing like I had just ran for miles. It was obvious that I wasn't going to go to sleep for quite sometime, so I got up, sat on the couch and cruised my phone. (probably not the smartest, but that's what I did). As I lay there scrolling, trying to get myself to calm the heck down, I stumbled across a book that someone posted. Yes, I saw someone that posted about it on Instagram, and I just had to have it. It is called the 52 Lists for Happiness.

Today I received that book that I ordered on a whim. The book intrigued me as I had just had a major pity party which helped me see that I wasn't truly happy. It then also caught my attention due to the 'lists'. Now, if you do not know, I am a list kinda gal. I love making lists and marking off the bullet points as I go along. There is something just super satisfying to me about it.



So, of course I dug right in! I have already gone through a couple of lists, but there was one thing.... it's all so easy.... it's all so obvious.... I began to wonder, why is it so hard for so many people to find their happiness? It's so obvious what makes us happy, if we answer authentically we can list exactly what makes us happy and exactly what is holding us back.

So why is it so hard for us to do the things that make us happy? Why is it that so many people are unhappy and trying to find a way to become happy again? Obviously there are many people out there struggling with this or else there wouldn't be a need for these types of books. It seems like the older we get, the more we compare ourselves with others, the more we get down on ourselves, the more the world tells us NO and we end up listening more and more. 

We have everything in front of us to make us happy. I mean everything, yet the world is telling us that we don't. That we need more, that we aren't good enough, and that we don't deserve to be happy. 

Children know exactly what make them happy. There is no questions about it. Sliding down a slide, eating ice cream, playing hide and seek. They don't look at others and compare. They just live for the moment. They do exactly what makes them happy. So why can't we as adults? We already know what makes us happy, but we choose to ignore it. We choose to do what we 'should' do and less of what we want to do. I'm tired of should...

I want to invite you to find your happy. Let's find it together. Are you struggling with it? My plan is to go through this book one list at a time. I will give you some updates as I go along. If you are interested make sure to grab your copy of the book by using the link above, leave a comment below, and don't forget to subscribe so we can chat when I post an update :)

Lets stop being silly and lets find our happy. Lets be happy. There is no reason to not.

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