Travel Gear List

I am super excited to be able to share my gear lists with you all. These items are the essentials. I didn't add everything that I take to each list; however, these are the must haves while adventuring, traveling, backpacking, camping, and so forth.

Travel Electronic Gear List:


1T My Passport External Hardrive

Anker external battery pack

This is seriously a must you guys. If you run out of batteries then you can't document your adventures! That would be the worst thing ever, in my opinion. Get yourself a backup.

Multi unit power socket

Samsung Note 4 Smart Phone

Basically, all I have to say about smart phones is get one with a removable battery no matter what! There are not many options out there, but honestly, when traveling you need to be able to switch your battery rather than having to figure out a place to plug in.

Photography Gear List:

Sony A7rii

The Sony A7Rii is my go to camera. I use this camera for everything! Now the A6500 is great for travel as well as video. It is super small and lightweight/

Sony A6500

Sony 24-70 f2.8 G Master Lens

Sony 16 - 35 f4 Lens

Sony FE 70-200mm F4 G OSS

64GB SanDisk extreme pro SD card

Extra Sony Batteries

Vanguard Tripod

Peak Design Straps

Peak Design Clip

Travel Clothing Essentials:

Hiking Pants - Now lets be real for a minute. I wear these on occasion, but honestly, I have began to only wear me leggings....

Barefoot Tennies - So I typically

Salomon Boots - Ok so boots are really whatever works for you. Personally, I wear bear foot tennies the majority of my adventures, but when the weather is not in your favor you might want some boots.

Black Leggings - Ok, yes this is a must. You might think it is a little 'basic' but let me tell you, traveling days you want to be comfy! Do yourself a favor and get the leggings with pockets. Trust me, you will thank me later ;)

Down Jacket - This you guys is seriously a must! You need a down jacket. They keep you warm but not too warm.

Long Sleeve Base Layer - This one will need to be a quick dry long sleeve along with it being slippery smooth. This way you can add layers and not feel claustrophobic.

Reebok Sports Bra Medium Impact - So I personally like the Medium impact unless I am going do do running. Then you will need the heavy impact.

Socks - These need to be some good socks. Not the cheapy socks. If you pay less than 8 dollars for 1 pair they are not awesome. I like the Darn Tough socks and such.

Chaco Sandals or Birkenstocks

Backpacking Gear List:

Coming Soon!

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