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Why is it that asking for help is so difficult? For some people it comes naturally, kind of a no brainer to most, but for others asking for help is like pulling teeth. They will do everything in their power to not have to ask for help. They will go down, fighting, but ultimately will end up down. Why?

Why won't we ask for help? The simple answer is because of fear.

Fear of being an inconvenience.

Fear of looking like you can't do it on your own.

Fear of putting someone out.

Fear of looking like a failure

Fear of criticism.

Fear of being judged.

Fear, fear, fear....

The truth is people like to be asked for help. For most people it makes them feel loved and makes them happy knowing that they did something good. We are only stopping ourselves by not reaching out and asking.

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I am definitely the person that will never ask for help. Like N E V E R ever. I have such a hard time with it. Whether it comes to my pride or my fear, either one stops me from asking. Now, I am not into new years resolutions. When I see something that needs work, I begin to work on it whether it is Friday, Monday, or New Years.

This year i am going to try a bit to ask for help. We can't do everything on our own. We can try and we can be successful, but imagine how successful we would be with other people helping us. Imagine what we could do with a tribe behind us supporting us, sharing our thoughts, and helping us every step along the way.

I have a tribe ready and waiting to support me; however, I never ask for their help. Yesterday I did and it was difficult. It was beyond difficult, but the more people I asked the easier it got.

So, here is my challenge to you. If you have a hard time asking for help, but ultimately know you need help, try reaching out to 3 people. Just 3. Three of your closest friends or family.

Do you struggle with this or am I the only one? Leave a comment below.

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