MM100 Fitness Challenge - Phase 3 Complete - 60 workouts in

First of all hi!!! I am so glad you are here. If you are just joining in on the conversation make sure you check out my other posts about the challenge and about phase 1 and phase 2 here:

My Fitness Challenge For This Fall - MM100 Workout Challenge

MM100 Fitness Challenge - Phase 1 and 2 Complete - 40 workouts in

now lets continue..

Man Phase 3 was rough…

I completely lost all my consistency and fell way behind my accountability group. This happened for a few reasons:

1.Yota had to get surgery. Cancer SUCKS!

If you don’t know, Yota is my dog and she recently had one of her nipples swell up so big I got nervous and took her into the vet. The doc said she had the doggy form of breast cancer. With that the next Monday we were in surgery. She got multiple nipples removed and the majority of her mammary glands.

This whole situation really rocked me. She was so out of it for days that all I cared about was her. I slept on the floor with her, I woke up and cuddled her, I didn’t go to work cause I was worried about her. It was rough. With all that, I wasn’t taking care of myself either. I wasn’t working out, eating right, and I was drinking a bit too much beer, but the thing is we made it through.

2. Work got too intense

My work has been crazy for quite some time, but it got worse. I was traveling to Sacramento, Oakland, San Francisco, Stockton, Marin county…. I was seriously all over the place. With all the travel I was working 12-14 hour days. It was stupid.

I tried to keep my workout routine, but man it just didn’t happen. I was tired. I am still tired.

A True Story - MM100 Fitness Challenge - Phase 3 Complete - 60 Workouts in

3. I gave myself excuses

With all that being said, I made some pretty lame ass excuses. I sucked at working out and eating right. I made the excuse of

  • I am so busy

  • I can double up on my workout tomorrow

  • This beer isn’t going to be terrible. After all it is only a light beer (then I proceeded to have 2 or 3).

After making all the excuses I started to get into my head. Well, whats the point? You are so far behind your accountability group, you will never catch up…..

Ya. LAME! I know, but is is true and I am just keeping it real with you guys. I don’t want to pretend like I am perfect. I don’t want to act like I have my shit together cause I don’t. I mess up all the freaking time. I want to show you the real, the raw, the uncut. I want to show the behind the scenes of this journey not the highlight reel. It seems like everyone always wants to show all their good. Only good. Then we start wondering what the hell is wrong with us? Why can’t our lives be that perfect. Why don’t I have all my crap together. The thing is…. everyone has crap… everyone is confused and trying to figure it all out.

What now? What happens next?

Well, I am onto Phase 4! Ya phase 3 was rough. Ya I fell behind my team for multiple reasons. Ya blah, blah blah. Oh well! Who cares? I am just going to acknowledge it, accept it, and get back on the ban wagon! Let’s get back to feeling good and freaking killing it!

I am going to get back on track and rock my phase 4 and phase 5 results. I am going to recommit, get my eating right, and kick some ass!

So are you ready to recommit with me? Are you ready to start kicking some ass? Lets freaking do this friend! Make sure to send me a message or go out and fill out this form here so we can work out together! I would so love to include you in my accountability group because let me tell you the accountability group has honestly changed everything for me.

I seriously cannot wait to see what the remainder 40 workouts have in store.

If you have any questions about what I am doing comment below :) I would love to chat with you!