MM100 Fitness Challenge - Phase 1 and 2 Complete - 40 workouts in

Phase 2 is complete! What does that mean? That means that I have now completed 40 workouts! It also means that I am 2/5ths of the way through this morning meltdown fitness challenge! WOOP WOOP!

What happened:

During this phase I went backpacking. I knew that I was going to go, so I ended up doubling up on my workouts throughout the previous weeks in order to not fall behind my team and accountability group. Well, during backpacking my throat got incredibly sore. I figured it was just the high mountain air, all the hiking, and lack of water/ dehydration.

MM100 Fitness Challenge - Phase 2 Complete - 40 workouts in by Bessie Roaming

My trip was Friday through Sunday. Well come Monday I had a fever. I figured it was just a slight cold so I powered through like I normally do. I decided I wouldn’t workout; however, I still did my daily activities, went to work, etc. Tuesday it got worse and by Tuesday night it felt like I was swallowing daggers every time I swallowed. Come Wednesday morning I was in prompt care and getting medicine for strep throat. It SUCKED.

So from Tuesday - Friday I had strep throat and a fever of 103. After my fever settled down, I still had those stupid little white bumps in the back of my throat. Finally on Sunday those bumps were all gone. So, I ended up not working out from Monday until the next Tuesday. Talk about getting way super behind my team :(

I just rolled with the punches and as soon as I started to feel better I started to get back into my workout routine. I took it really easy. The first day I did stretching. The second day I modified all the workouts. The third day I chose an easier workout to where I wasn’t just shocking my body by going straight into 100 burpies (ya that is an exaggeration but you get it.)

My Plan Moving Forward:

So, now I am on a mission to catch up with my team. I am planning on doubling up on workouts every so often in order to catch up with everyone. Right now I am on workout 41 and my team is on workout 49 so I have alot of catching up to do. This really means that I will need to double up on workouts 9 times in order to finally be on the same workout as the team. I will probably do this over phase 3 and phase 4. I do not plan on doubling up on workouts 9 days in a row. That is just too much and I really don’t want to get burned out. I want to have this be sustainable and make it to where I can stay consistent.

Celebration and Mentality Changes:

During these last 40 workouts I have noticed a huge difference in my mentality. As you all know by now, my entire goal is to find myself, to find my happy. Yes, I am going to be stoked when I see changes in the mirror; however, that isn’t the point for me. I want to be happier. I want to be my best self and I want to be ready for the mountain aka backpacking/hiking. This is another reason why I don’t share my ‘before and after photos’. Yes, I take progress photos for myself, but no I don’t share them, at least not yet. I ultimately want to encourage everyone to find their happy and show them how I am doing it. I also want to help others not have the mountain kick their ass when they try to go backpacking or hiking lol.

So, during these last 40 workouts I have noticed:

  • A huge mental change

  • I wake up in a better mood

  • I have a ton of energy to workout

  • I can actually look in the mirror! I never ever ever look in the mirror. I can actually look in the mirror and feel good.

  • My confidence has increased 10 fold. It is crazy. I actually work a tight tank top the other day in public! I never wear tight clothes. I am always in some sort of loose baggy hippy shirt :)

  • I am not finding my little devil voice constantly talking shit (no more negative self talk).

  • I kicked the mountains ass! Yes, backpacking this year wasn’t a complete grudge fest. Instead I felt like I had a ton of energy to hike :)

MM100 Fitness Challenge - Morning Meltdown 100 Challenge Phase 2 completed by Bessie Roaming

Yesterday was my 40th workout, so I decided to celebrate all this goodness. If you don’t celebrate, if you don’t take a moment to recognize everything that is going on and all the achievements that you have had, it will just pass you by and seem as though nothing happened.

I contemplated on how to celebrate this accomplishment of mine. Ultimately I decided to go to Starbucks and grab a Passion Tea Lemonade one of my favorite refreshing drinks when it is crazy hot. Pro Tip: order it with no sweetener and light ice. If you get light ice you get like 10x more of the actual drink you are paying for. :) You’re welcome!

Then, I went over to Dicks sporting goods to get myself some new workout clothes. Yep! I bought myself and entire new set of workout clothes. Here is what I got:

  • 2 spandex shorts

  • 1 sports bra

  • 2 pairs of leggings

  • 2 tank tops

  • 1 long sleeve shirt

  • 2 headbands!

Here are some of the actual items I bought:

Yep, that is where I am at today. Workout 41 and onto Phase 3! I am stoked to be here, stoked that I am finally being consistent, and stoked with all the changes I am seeing is such a short amount of time!

If you ever struggle with staying consistent in a workout program or your health and fitness journey, find yourself an accountability team. If you don't have one and you're looking for on make sure to send me a message or go out and fill out this form here so we can work out together! I would so love to include you in my accountability group because let me tell you the accountability group has honestly changed everything for me.

I seriously cannot wait to see what the remainder 60 workouts have in store. I am not even half way through and I am noticing huge changes! Yay!!!

If you have any questions about what I am doing comment below :) I would love to chat with you!