If This Moment

If this moment was all you had...

Read this quick and answer just as quickly. Don't think about it... the outcome will help you understand you and where you are right now. My answers were quite interesting, some totally a duh because I think about them daily, but one shocked me just a little.

So again, read this quick and answer quick without hesitation. Don't think about it, just answer...

If this moment was all you had,

Who would you love?

Who would you tell screw you?

What would you break free from?

What would you create?

Where would you go?


See, you know what you want.

So why not now?

Love who you want to love, break free from what is holding you back, set your boundaries, speak your mind, create what you have always longed to create. In this moment... not the next.

Adventuring of a Small Town Girl (ASTG)

Adventuring of a Small Town Girl If this moment.jpg