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Top 10 Healthy Travel Snacks For Road Trips

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Sometimes finding good snacks for traveling can be hard, and it also completely depends on what kind of traveling you are going to be doing. I will create some other blogs for backpacking snacks, airport snacks, camping snacks and so forth, but for now lets talk about healthy travel snacks for road trips!

I am obsessed with road trips. Road trips are probably my favorite form of adventuring; however, lets face it, while on a road trip it can be quite difficult to eat healthy. For me, I want to grab a big ol bag of chips, start my car, put her in drive, and drive into the sunset while crunching away on cheese ruffles. Ultimately, that isn't the best.

A few years ago, I set out on a mission to eat healthier. Now that's not saying that I don't enjoy a Big Mac on occasion, but all around I just wanted to eat healthier. It was quite easy to find healthy options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner on the road; however, the snacks are where I messed up every time.

It takes quite a bit of getting used to, making a cognoscente effort to eat the good for you things while out on a road trip. What I found to make it a bit easier is to actually plan out my snacks rather than just flying by the seat of my pants, stopping at a gas station, and grabbing myself a pack of Hostess doughnuts (yes I love these too).

So planning out your snacks actually doesn't take that much effort. When you decide on what exactly you are going to want for the duration of your road trip, you either make it ahead of time, or go to the store the morning before you leave for your big adventure.

Ok, enough rambling right? Let's get down to it!

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Top 10 Healthy Travel Snacks For Road Trips:

1. Jerky - I typically make my own jerky as lately jerky prices are through the roof; however, you can always buy jerky in the store. My favorite is this one.

2. Roasted, Flavored Almonds. My mom got me absolutely hooked on the Blue Diamond Smokehouse almonds. They are sooooo good you guys. Actually quite a bit of their flavors are delicious; however, the smokehouse ones are my fave :)

3. Homemade Potato Chips - So I am obsessed with these chips. They are my absolute favorite. Now they don't completely make up for Cheese Ruffles, but they are a good alternative.

4. Paleo Chocolate Muffins or the oh so delicious Cinnamon Bun Muffins. These are great for traveling on a road trip. You should keep them in the cooler in order to keep them nice and fresh for as long as possible. I love these chocolate ones as they completely satisfy my sweet tooth!

5. Any kind of Protein Bite - As you all know by now I love me a protein bite. I am always trying to come up with new recipes. They are absolutely perfect for an adventure. They are small, light weight, healthy, and calorie dense. They are perfect! Plus they are delicious so ya, pretty much awesomeness in a little bite.

6. Trail Mix - duh right? My favorite is the Indulgent from Walmart. Seriously though so many chocolaty pieces with fruity pieces and nuts... A M A Z I N G.

7. Nut and Berry Mix - I pretty much make my own here. I pick the dried fruit that I want, then I add the nuts I want, and if I am feeling a bit crazy I might add some coconut.

8. Fruits and Veggies - Typically apples and bananas do the best on a road trip along with baby carrots. These are my favorite as they last the longest. Other good alternatives would be dried or even freeze dried fruits and veggies.

9. Some sort of sweet treat. I love my 5 ingredient paleo fudge : ) I also always stop and get a dark chocolate bar somewhere along the way to munch on when my sweet tooth attacks.

10.  Cliff Bars , Larabars , or some sort of protein bar.

11. BONUS: Flavored drink mix! Seriously though, this has been a life savor in order to keep me drinking water and not drinking soda. So you have to be super picky on your flavored drink mix and make sure that it isn't loaded with fakeness. The other thing I do is bring a mason jar and a bunch of green tea. I can then make suntea on the dash of my car while driving down the road.


That's it! This variety helps me stay satisfied on both my belly side of things and my taste bud side of things. If I take the majority of what is on this list, I always have options for whatever mood I am in during my road trip.

What healthy travel snacks do you take on your road trips? Leave a comment below.

Wishing you nothing but awesome adventures!

Adventuring of a Small Town Girl