Socks with Birkenstocks Outfit

Oh man how I love my Birkenstock sandals. In the summer, you seriously won’t find me in anything but my Birkenstocks. Now, when fall and winter roll around I have a really hard time transitioning from my Birkenstocks to any other shoes, so what I end up doing is just wearing socks with Birkenstocks.

I had a bit of a hard time figuring out how to pair socks with Birkenstock sandals, but I think I finally figured it out! I love this style, but you really do have to do it right or else it is just going to look…. well…. not so awesome. So here are a few tips on if you are going to putting together a socks with Birkenstocks outift:

  1. You need to have Cute socks

  2. You have to choose the Birkenstocks that do not have a toe strap

  3. Leggins and / or skinny jeans are a must

  4. Shorts work just as good

Here are my absolute favorite style Birkenstock sandals to pear with socks:

Here is a bit of inspiration for Socks with Birkenstock Outfits: