How to Prepare for a Backpacking Trip

Getting ready for backpacking is always so exciting yet creates some form of worry... do I have everything ? Did I get all my responsibilities done before I left? Can I handle the hike? Did I grab the water filter? So on and so forth.


So, to help calm my nerves there are a few things that I do prior to going out on the trail.

  1. I always keep all my backpacking gear in one spot in my house. This way I know right where it all is and I don't have to spend time going from spot to spot throughout the house looking for things.
  2. I make a list. Seriously. I actually have an excel sheet that has all the things that I could possibly want to take on a pack trip. Then, I make a new list with the items that I actually want to take on the trip depending on the duration of the trip and the overall length.
  3. I start packing a few days early. This gives you time to think about what you are planning on taking.
  4. The night before, I place everything that I am taking right next to the door. This way in the morning I just grab the pile and go. Obviously this pile consists of everything packed in my backpack, but it also consists of things that I will want in the car before and after the trip such as snacks, drinks, fresh clothes, sandals, etc.

So what clothes do I take backpacking? Let's say for a 4 day hike this is a standard:

  1. 2 pairs of leggings (1 to wear and 1 extra) and 1 pair of spandex shorts. The shorts double as a swim suit
  2. A tank top (sometimes I bring 2)
  3. A down jacket
  4. A button up long sleeve for sun protection
  5. Beanie, ball cap, gloves
  6. 3 pairs of socks
  7. 2 sports bra's. One to wear and a spare. This way I can also use one for a swim suit top
  8. Depending on the weather I might bring a long sleeve
  9. THAT'S IT! You really don't need as much as you think.

It's actually quite funny that we have so much worry prior to going out into the wilderness, because once you get your feet on the trail all those questions, worries, and anxiety disappear. You begin walking and taking in the scene, living for the moment, and enjoying the now.

When you are out in the wilderness you typically don't use much; however, when you are packing you think you need everything but the kitchen sink. You typically wear the same clothes, live in the same tent, sit and relax, fish, and hike around the gorgeous mountains. You don't need things to entertain you, even though you think you do, and you typically don't need as many clothes as you think you do.

Why can't everyday be enjoyed in the now? Why does the day to day bring on so much stress? My goal is to live like I live on the trail. Live in the moment, enjoy the scenery, forget about the past and future, eat when I'm hungry, just live to be alive and enjoy the beauty of a single day, enjoy the beauty of life.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and hopefully it will help you settle your nerves prior to going out on an adventure.

Wishing you nothing but beautiful adventures!