Holiday Gift Guide for Her : Gifts to Get Outside and Adventure

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Holiday Gift Guide for Her:

For the outdoor enthusiast, traveler, adventurer, and the untamed heart


Under $25

1. Coffee Mugs

Who doesn't love a new coffee mug? These 'love her but leave her wild' coffee mugs are hand designed and come in at under $15!

2. Heather's Choice Backpacking Meals

Ok so these are seriously the peerrrffffeeeccccttttt backpacking meals. They are healthy real food! Now, I just want to specifically talk about the packaroons. Oh my gosh these are delicious! I have tried almost all of them and they are amazing. You can get the sampler box, or buy separate meals and treats. They even make awesome stocking stuffers ;) Plus Heather's Choice offers Free shipping on your first order!

From Heather's Choice: " My mission is to provide healthy, delicious, packable food for adventurers worldwide! Whether at home, on the road, or in the backcountry, you deserve to eat well. I hope to encourage more people to improve the quality of the food they eat, whether that is at home or in the backcountry. "

3. All Natural Balms, oils, and soaps

Seriously who doesn't love amazing smelling soap, or new lip balm?  The Flowered Life shop is a small handmade business and creates all of these goodies and everything is under $10 ! You can't beat that!

4. Travel Coffee Mug

So I feel like this one shouldn't be on the list because it is sooooo obvious, but then again sometimes the easy things are the things we don't think about. An outdoor girl always needs a good travel mug no matter what.

5.  Baseball Hats or pretty much anything from Wilderness Badass

So a ball cap, truckers hat, or baseball hat is an essential for any adventure. Now on top of that, Wilderness Badass gear is also essential for any Wilderness girl. I pretty much want all their things! I am obsessed with my Wilderness Badass hat. Just recently they created an even more awesome design.

"Truth be told: we’ve been able to grow the mindset and culture of Wilderness Badass because of the drive we have seen in women to stand out in today’s outdoor industry. We are inspired by women who put fear aside and boldly face the unpredictable nature of the wilderness. We are simply inspired by anyone who has made a commitment to leave excuses behind to pursue a life full of wild adventures. Further, we as a company have set gender roles aside and have been guided by the principle of One Crew, where our goal is to inspire and push everyone we adventure with, to look out for one another, and to always work as one. The commitment to adventure as One Crew has been one of our guiding principles since our inception. As a result, we have seen how both men and women inspire each other to push harder, go farther, and reach higher places, but most importantly to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors together. We do not impose our fears on one another but rather stand next to our adventure partners to help each other face those fears and push ourselves beyond our perceived capabilities. This is the mindset behind Wilderness Badass and the culture we wish to foster in the outdoors community."


6. Water bottles

Again, this one goes hand in hand with the travel mug. If you love the outdoors you are going to need a nice, good, BPA free water bottle. Now, you want to find one that has an outdoor theme to make it that much better. Just saying...

7. A good Adventure book!

Seriously though! Women who travel are typically in either a car, on a train, or in a plane for extended periods of time. Books are a necessity.



Under $50

1. Beanie and Gloves

If you are anything like me you looovvvvveee new hats. With it being winter a new beanie is always a huge plus. A girl cannot have too many beanies.

2. Adventuring T Shirts

This blog is all about Adventuring and if you are here then you are looking for amazing gifts for the outdoor enthusiast. These adventuring T-shirts are perfect for that girl who loves the outdoors. Each design is hand drawn and then created into a T Shirt!

3. Mint Jewelry - Jewelry that travels well - handmade

You guys, I cannot explain enough how much I love this jewelry! These are 100% handmade and full of so much love. These are for the wild at heart, the adventurer, traveler, and basically every girl out there. #aswildasyou

4. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must when you are outside. Not only are they stylish, show your personal style, and are just all around awesome they also are protective. And really what better than handmade wooden sunglasses made in the USA? Seriously though? So there are a ton of places to get sunglasses, or you could even get a gift card :)

5. A super nice Sports bra

So, for us outdoor women, alot of us want to spend our money on the adventure and having fun, yet we long for a nice comfortable sports bra. Now, unless you are really close to the girl you probably don't want to choose her sports bra after all, these are very personal things; however, you could get a gift card to her favorite shop :)

6. Adventuring Long Sleeve Shirt


Under $100

1. Leggings

This is pretty much a duh thing now days. Leggings are beyond the thing. So they are good for lounging around the house, for hiking, for working out, for traveling, for E V E R Y T H I N G !  So, basically a girl can't have too many leggings.

2. Bose headphones



1. Down Jacket

So this is a MUST for an outdoor girl! I wear mine everywhere. Now, there are so so so many places to get down jackets and it is really up to you on which one you think is best. I love my Eddie Bauer one, but you can also get these at REI,, Feathered Friends, Amazon, etc. Now there are different fills of down which will make the jacket warmer or cooler. I want to give you fair warning, if the jacket is not over $100 it most likely isn't real down. Quite honestly if the jacket isn't $200 regular price it isn't a good jacket. There are always deals going on for down jackets so you don't need to pay full price.


2. Backpack

So whether it is a backpack for actual backpacking, a day pack, a camera pack, or just a all around awesome backpack, these are essential for the outdoor enthusiast. I love my Kifaru backpack for backpacking. It is awesome.

3. Boots

So I debated on this one for quite a bit. Boots are something that are so incredibly difficult to buy for yourself, it is even harder to buy them for someone else. After awhile of contemplating I figured this is a gift guide, and that is not my choice. So I wanted to through out two brands that I love for good backpacking boots. I love my Keen's, but this year I decided to try something a bit different and went with the Solomon's. These are amazing too! So this is just an idea for you :)

4. Head Lamp

5. Yeti Cooler

So when you are adventuring or traveling the last thing you want to do is have to think about ice.... Seriously though. These types of coolers are meant to hold ice for days. Now, I'm not necessarily saying you need to get only a Yeti cooler, but you want to get something that is good. Something that will hold ice for days on end otherwise, this idea isn't a good one.

6. Tennies

Personally, I am obsessed with the barefoot shoes! The less shoe the better. I grew up running around barefoot, and honestly still do today. I would much rather be barefoot that have shoes on. The majority of the time you will see me wearing my sandals, or my barefoot tennies. I love these new balance ones. I 100% back these shoes.


7. GPS Watch

Now if you want to spend some money and really get something awesome for that special someone a GPS watch is where it is! If that girl you are buying for is a backpacker, hiker, or runner, a GPS watch is the way to go. Now keep in mind you can spend up to $600 on this so make sure you look at each one, their description, and so forth to pick the right one.

8. A good pair of sandals

So again, I love being barefoot so sandals are my go to. I typically choose Burkenstocks or Chacos. Chacos are very amazing for every day plus many women wear them hiking. Burkenstock sandals are beyond comfy and they are cute  so win win!!


9. And of course home decor for inspiration! 

As you all know all my images are from Bessie Young Photography. Being able to go home to a home you love is priceless. A person who loves the outdoors needs beautiful images for their walls to help them feel inspired. Gorgeous fine art prints is where it is at :

I hope this holiday gift guide makes your Christmas shopping a little less stressful! The hope for this guide was to be able to help you relax during the holiday season and make your shopping oh so much more easier.

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