California National Parks List

California has some amazing sights to see and the California National Parks are definitely one of them. I have searched for a list of California National Parks; however, I have been unsuccessful. There isn't just a list of National Parks. All the lists I found had historical parks, national monuments, and so forth. So, I decided to make my own :)

California National Parks List by Adventuring of a Small Town Girl (ASTG) - Yosemite National Park Tunnel View

California National Parks List:

(in no particular order)

1. Yosemite

The most well known park out of all the National Parks. Yosemite national park has an amazing valley in the tranquility of the High Sierra Nevadas.  Yosemite was first protected in 1864 and known for its amazing waterfalls. It is nearly 1,200 square miles of gorgeous wilderness where you can find valleys, meadowns, giant sequoias, massive mountains, and a vast wilderness.

California National Park List - Yosemite National Park - Half Dome

2. Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park is where two desert ecosystems come together, the Mojave and the Colorado. This land is made by occasional torrents of rain and strong winds.  Geologic features, cultural history, and dark night skies add to this vast wilderness located in southern California.

California National Parks List by Adventuring of a Small Town Girl (ASTG) - Joshua Tree National Park.jpg

3. Sequoia

4. Kings Canyon

These two parks are home of the Giant Sequoias. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are managed together. These two parks are side by side in the southern Sierra Nevada east of the Central Valley. The elevation ranges from approximately 1,000' to 14, 500' . With the drastic elevation difference the weather varies drastically as well. The parks are full of dramatic landscape, deep canyons, caverns, huge mountains, and the worlds largest trees. 

5. Redwood

This might be my favorite park, other than Yosemite of course. Most people know Redwood National Park as the home to the tallest trees on Earth; however, this park is also full of prairies, woodlands, rivers, canyons, and almost 40 miles of coastline.

6. Pinnacles

Various volcanoes erupted and formed what we call Pinnacles National Park. This park is full of oak woodlands and gorgeous canyons.  Hikers enter rare talus caves and emerge to towering rock spires teeming with life. This park has a variety of California's favorite birds such as the  Peregrine and Prairie falcons, Golden eagles, and the California condor.

7. Death Valley

A steady drought and the summer heat that makes record highs creates a land of extremes known as Death Valley. This is a below sea level basin. Each extreme has a contrast, towering peaks get frosted with snow during the winter, the rare rainstorms will bring in amazing desert wildflowers, and the summer heat will bring out the dryness and desolation.

8. Lassen Volcanic

Lassen Volcanic National Park is home to steaming clear mountain lakes, various volcanoes, and meadows with gorgeous wildflowers. The jagged peaks in this park hold the story of its eruptive past. Hot water continually bubbles out of the ground.

9. Channel Islands

Channel Islands National Park is in Southern California. The park has five islands preserving and protecting their ocean environment. This park has unique animals and plants found no where else on Earth. 

I am a bit amazed that I actually haven't been to all the parks and I live in California! Which ones haven't I been to you ask? Well, I haven't been to Lassen, Channel Islands, or Pinnacles. I guess these are definitely on my list for next year :)

Which parks have you been to? Leave a comment and let us know!

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