Take the risk

We don’t take risks because of what actually might happen if we do whether it’s good or bad. What if I lose, what if I win, what if, what if, what if… Stop being so scared. We worry that it won’t be worth it, or even worse, that it will! Stop being afraid of change. After all what is the worst that can happen? Take the risk.

Take the opportunity

Opportunities come and go, but typically the same opportunity will never come by twice. Many times, we pass on these opportunities by because we are too scared to actually make the decision, we are too scared of what the opportunity might have in store for our future, we are too scared of the unknown. We only live once. If an opportunity comes your way, take it! It won’t come by you again, and after all we do not want to regret not taking it. Don’t worry so much. Take the opportunity.

Take the adventure

When you get the opportunity for an adventure take it! Take the adventure. Life is nothing but a big adventure in itself and sometimes we forget to actually take that adventure on. We hide behind our normal day to day lives. We hide in our comfort zone. We hide behind our computers, our day jobs, our cubical. Stop hiding. Life is passing you by. Take the adventure. Let all your worries go and live. Live the life you always wanted. Go on the adventure that you have always dreamed of. Stop worrying so much beautiful soul.  Take the adventure.

Take in the moment

Today we live in a world that is always running. We can get so caught up on the hustle and bustle of life that we ultimately miss out on life. I hope you stop and take in the moment. Enjoy the little things. Listen to the birds whispering to you, feel the sun kiss your face, enjoy the wind blowing through your hair. There is so much life happening around us. Smiling, crying, love, heartbreak, laughter… Take in all the moments.  We only get one life. Don’t let it pass you buy because your got so busy living that you forgot to take in all the moments.

Wishing you nothing but an awesome life,

Adventuring of a Small Town Girl

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