I hope you live out loud

Well, we are halfway through 2017! Can you believe it? Where does the time go? We go through our day to day lives doing what we need to do and eventually an entire year has come and gone! We make new years resolutions and then a few months later get caught up in the day to day grind putting those resolutions on the back burner.....  It is sad to hear people say that their life is flying by and they don't know where the time is going... it is sad to hear people with regrets saying that they should have spent more time doing what they loved rather than what they thought they needed to do. 2017 is halfway gone! It is our decision to make 2017 what we want it. We control our lives. We need to remember that a year will come and go no matter how we live it... So lets Live out loud!

I hope you smile

I hope you stop worrying about the things you can't control and remember to smile. Let go of all the negative things in your life. I hope you learn to love yourself and be kind to yourself. Life is short. If something goes wrong, shrug it off and smile. If you have a door shut, just yell out "PLOT TWIST" and move towards bigger and better things. In this year I hope you are happy and smile.

I hope you say yes

Say yes to new adventures, to that date you were asked on, to more coffee, to the amazing slice of cheesecake, to love, to happiness. Say yes to you. I hope you say yes to making your life better and helping yourself out. Say yes more often. Say yes, because yes gives you opportunities and it won't leave you wondering "what would have happened if I only would have said yes..."

I hope you let go

Let go of that job that doesn't work for you.... you know that job that you work cause you feel like it is the 'responsible thing to do'. I hope you let go of the grudges, the pain, the sorrow. Let go of the fear, of people that hurt you, of negative thoughts and memories.

I hope you go after your dreams

I hope you stop putting off what you could have done today. Stop saying that you can't and start saying that you can. Go after your dreams no matter how big or small, no matter what others will think of you. They are your dreams and this is your life. Y O U R life. No one elses. Live your life and make you dreams your reality. I hope you conquer all that you set out to do.

I hope you are fearless

We have learned to be fearful. Remember when you used to jump off the rock into the water because it would 'be fun'. Remember your childhood and how we would run around not caring what anyone would think? Remember being yourself and not worrying about the world? Be you! I hope you are fearless. In today's society we have learned fear. Fear is a normal part of our life. Fear is something that we don't even realize we have. It is what is stopping you! Stop being fearful beautiful soul. Start living. Bring out your inner child because she is still in there, just shoved away in the back of your minds because that is what society tells us we are supposed to do... 'Don't dance, don't be loud, don't whistle, don't run in stores, don't don't don't'.... I hope you start doing and do it fearlessly.

I hope you live loud

This is your year. The year will pass whether you want it to or not. Time will slowly pass by. How are you going to live it. Are you going to live it the way others think you should? Hell no! Say it! H E L L to the no! Live your life out loud. Live proud. Live how you want to live. You only get one chance on this Earth.

I hope you laugh out loud, dance when everyone is watching, say what you are thinking, smile more, sing at the top of your lungs, kiss with passion, love with all your heart, body, and soul. I hope you find a way to surround yourself with people that make you feel alive.   I hope you live out loud.

Adventuring of a Small Town Girl