For the Untamed Heart

This is for the women who are meant for more. For the women who have fire in the heart and a gypsy soul. Here is to the women who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, to the women and mama's who love to feel the earth between their toes.

Here is to the women who curse, to the women who aren't afraid to speak their mind, to the women that don't care what others think. The adventurous women who walk their own path in life.  The beauties that get up day in and day out, rain or shine, making their dreams a reality.

Here is to the mama's working hard raising their children. Being everything under the sun to make their littles grow up Wild and Free.

You are amazing women. You are untamed.

Us women are hard to handle. We are strong, courageous, complicated, and magical. Confusing, loving, and meant for more than anyone can imagine.

Wild women are not meant to be stuffed away in an office, and are not meant to be hidden away from the world being a 'yes sir' kind of person. You will never be happy living life that way. You are meant for so much more. Our souls will disappear into the void if we watch a clock tick away. Our minds will go crazy.

We are not the kind of women that are willing to settle. We cannot keep a sparkling clean home, perfectly made hair, and makeup that looks just right. We are not the perfect mom, girlfriend, wife.... yet we love with all our soul. We live with every ounce in our body. We give with every bone we have and we laugh uncontrollably.

We cannot be tamed.

Our soul needs nature. Walking with the natural dirt under our feet rather than asphalt and cement. We need the wind to blow through our hair, whispering magical joy into our ears.

For too long have we hidden ourselves from the world. We have denied our souls of their true beauty. We have denied who we truly are. Society tells us to be one thing. Growing up, we try to conform to how 'we should act' what we 'should look like' what we 'should say'. Screw Should!

We have tried to hide who we truly are for too long. Our spirit cannot be contained forever. The truth is we are unique and truly beautiful. Why would you want to deny the world of your beauty?

We have tied our wings behind our back and hidden them under our shirts to try and be who we were told we should be. Our hearts become shattered and we go about life wondering what we are truly meant for. Having an internal conflict of what we have been told to be compared to what we feel we are and what our soul says we are. Why we are hiding our real selves? We need to free our spirit and let it shine bright. Why are we trying to conform to a life that doesn't even appeal to us? Just to please people, and possibly people we don't even care about?

We are meant to run free. We are meant to dance around a fire drinking whiskey and singing at the tops of our lungs. We are meant to howl!  Listen to your soul. Listen to the fire that lives inside of you.

There is no reason to play life small. We are meant to live life big! Stop smashing your soul, hiding your heart, and working at being some form of woman that society thinks you need to be.

Why deny it? Why hide it?

Let's shed the lives that suffocate our soul. Let's get rid of the life that was never meant to be ours in the first place. Be Wild... Be Free. Normal isn't for the untamed heart. We won't fit. We don't fit. We were never meant to. We are meant to stand out in all of our glory. To be different. To be 'that girl'.

Honor who you really are. Be a force of nature whirling around showing the world who is boss.

Do not deny the world of your beauty. Don't let your vibrant spirit die. Do not live the life you think you should. Screw should.

Live the life that sets your soul on fire. Find yourself. Share your mysterious, courageous, adventurous magic with the world. Let your spirit free.

Do not give in to the 'I should be'. Do not ever settle.


Image via Bessie Young Photography