Cute Camping Outfit for Cool Weather

Figuring out what to bring camping can actually be alot harder than expected. You want your outfit to be cute, comfortable, warm, and functional. This is alot to ask out of an outfit especially with all the girl clothes out there that are not made to be functional.

So, I wanted to share one of my absolute favorite go to camping outfit. It is comfortable, cute, and functional! Talk about a win win win.

Cute Camping Outfits for Women - cute adventuring outfit, or even a cute camping outfit. Just love this style - by Bessie Roaming

So lets start from the top with my favorite cute camping outfit for cool weather:.


I am obsessed with headbands lately. My hair randomly decided to grow and now I have stray hairs all over my head. Now when you are out camping most of the time you don’t have hairspray or a mirror to fix those stray hairs. The one I am wearing here is a Buff Headband . Now, believe me when I say that the brand is important here. Normally I am not a crazy brand kinda person, but I have tried multiple brands for these thick headbands and Buff is hands down the way to go.


Hands down my absolute favorite jacket of all times. This is the Kuhl Women’s Fleece Jacket. It is amazing! The other top I have on that you can’t see is a cheap black walmart tank top. It cost me like $3.

I am also always wearing some sort of sports bra while out camping. It is just comfy. I think that is enough said there :)

This is the exact jacket (linked below) that I wear pretty much all the time. I think it is an absolute must have. Click the buy now button to be brought to the page:


Basically I am obsessed with black leggings. Black leggings are comfortable and functional. There are two things that I would have to say when it comes to leggings. 1. Make sure that they have pockets. 2. The high waist ones are the best ever! Check out the Prana ones in the image below. They are my faves!

Cute Camping Outfit - cute adventuring outfit, or even a cute camping outfit. Just love this style by Bessie Roaming


Ok, let me be blunt with you. STOP BUYING CHEAP SOCKS!

First of all socks are amazing and they can really make an outfit so super cute. Second, cheap socks are uncomfortable. Third, cheap socks don’t last very long. Fourth, expensive socks stay feeling like brand new socks forEVER. They are cute and freaking comfy!


Umm… Birkenstocks. Do I really need to say more?

These sandals are my go to. You have to get the ones that you can actually wear socks with though. It really does make all the difference to be able to slip on your sandals while you still have your socks on. It works for getting up in the middle of the night to pee, or getting up in the morning in order to start your delicious cup of coffee.

Alright, there you have it. My go to camping outfit for cool weather. Do you have any go to’s? I would love to hear about what your go to outfit or accessories are for camping. Make sure to comment below :)


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Cute camping outfit for fall! Its cute, comfy, and functional! You can't get much better. See the full style details by clicking the image - Bessie Roaming