Adventuring of a Small Town Girl | I finally created my website!


It finally happened and I am nervous as heck yet so excited. My website is up and running! So why did I start a website? What is the purpose of Adventures of a Small Town Girl?

For years I have longed to inspire others to get outside and take adventures, not be afraid, and to stop worrying about what others might think. We get so caught up in our day to day lives that we forget to actually LIVE. We think of the responsible things to do and we worry that if we do not do these things others might judge us or make us feel silly. I am guilty of this myself. I did the responsible thing or that thing that you were 'supposed' to do. After I graduated high school I went to college and got my BS degree (I wouldn't change this for the world). Now, I work a day job in a cubical.... I get up, make breakfast, go to work, sit in a cube all day, come home, work out, eat dinner, shower, and then go to bed. I do this day after day after day. Do I want to? No. Do I need to.... that is yet to be determined. I have felt like I need to (felt is the key word here) as I have a good steady job that pays the bills, allows me to take adventures on the weekends, and provides good health insurance. (does this sound familiar?). To me, this is the safe way, the secure way, and not the most glamorous or fun way.

My goal with Adventuring of a Small Town Girl is to motivate others to get outside and start really living their life. Whether that be on the weekends or ultimately quitting that cubical job and finally doing what you love. This website is going to be alot about adventuring, travel, motivation, lifestyle, food, gear, and more. I am hoping to inspire others and along the way find my true self along with being able to finally do what it is that I love to do... Adventure around, inspire others, and take lots of pictures along the way :)

For now, I mainly travel within the United States. I actually have only been as far East Denver Colorado. Someday it would be great to go out of the country but my main travels will be here on the West coast.

I hope you come back soon as I plan to bring lots of fun content along with beautiful pictures. If you want to get a notification of when I post something new consider subscribing :)

Wishing you all nothing but beautiful days and fun adventures,


P.S. for now all my pictures are for sale on my Bessie Young Photography website. You can find them here.